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What is Perry’s Pizza Night like? Here’s the drill:

Everything is bursting with flavor, and with some unexpected ingredients.  Be bold!

I like small rounds of dough – 12 inches max. Keep the pizzas thin and the slices small. Like appetizer portions. My family and friends know I will make 5 or 10 or even 15 pizzas over a 2-3 hours period. Choose Sweet Ground Pepperoni and a couple of others here. Make a couple of each for your party of 10, making sure no one takes more than a slice per pie to start. (Ok, the kids can have 2 pepperonis!).

Don’t  overload a pizza! Barely cover it, being spare with sauce, with toppings, with cheese. I don’t like 1-slice-and-you’re-done pizza. I like MANY slices, so make the pizzas that way.

But mostly, make it a family event, a party. Ask for help. Let the guests suggest their own combinations. Nothing makes me happier than hearing “could you make another one of those….”

I am happy to. Because it’s Pizza Night!